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Man is created in the image and likeness of God. He is endowed with innate powers, talents and capabilities to develop his potentials for transformation.



Mountain Province State Polytechnic College gains recognition as a prime education center in  the Cordillera for rural development, excellence and global competitiveness, as it aspires to become a state univesity.


Mountain Province State Polytechnic College shall:

1. produce responsible, morally upright, and globally competitive professionals and technical workers;

2. promote and undertake relevant research and extension that contribute to local and national prosperity;

3. engage in profitable enterprises and become partly self-reliant;

4. advance culturally appropriate and responsive frameworks of education and development;

5. provide progressive and dynamic rural development programs; and

6. advocate sound resource management and development programs.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1.  Attain and Sustain Quality and Excellence

         Develop competitive faculty members, researchers and personnel;

         Upgrade student achievements through effective instructional strategies, appropriate instructional materials and facilities;

         Strengthen research and extension functions, generate technologies and enhance their dissemination to end-users, thereby hastening the development of the service areas;

         Work for the accreditation of degree programs by AACCUP and other accrediting bodies;

         Join consortia and networks with other HEIs and other institutions;

         Adopt state-of-the-art technologies (ICT, etc.);

         Improve ancillary student services and amenities;

         Foster and promote creativity and innovation among faculty and staff;

         Encourage and support faculty and staff initiatives;

         Support the alumni organization to support the College; and,

         Trace graduates.


Goal 2.  Promote Relevance and Responsiveness

         Offer relevant programs responsive to the needs of the community;

         Link with NGOs and the communities;

         Conduct researches to improve community conditions; and,

         Undertake extensions services relevant to the community.


Goal 3.  Broaden Access and Equity

         To make known MPSPC to all high schools in the province and neighboring municipalities outside the province;

         Develop and implement a career guidance program;

         Upgrade the standard and accelerate integration of the system of recognition;

         Avail of and implement scholarship programs from different partner agencies;

         Encourage LGUs to adopt scholarship programs;

         Establish linkages with legislators and other national and private sectors for allocation of scholarship and for funding support;

         Review and fine-tune the selection and retention criteria for scholarship programs;

         Improve and enhance non-traditional/open learning programs; and,

         Implement equivalency program.


Goal 4:  Improve and Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness

         Improve the selection processes of local representatives to the Board of Trustees;

         Review the different policies, procedures, programs and projects of MPSPC;

         Establish local and international linkages or twinning partnerships;

         Strive for the upgrading of the programs for the SUC leveling;

         Adopt performance-based evaluation system for officials, faculty and staff;

         Strengthen/make more responsive, and put in place lacking, internal management systems (financial, personnel, information management, IGP, grievance, faculty loading, etc.);

         Rationalize tuition fees;

         Develop and manage the College assets; and,

         Introduce incentives for innovations, productivity, and cost saving.

Key Officials of the Polytechnic
President -
               Dr. Nieves A. Dacyon
Finance and Management Officer -
               Mrs. Leticia D. Napat-a

Bontoc Campus
Tadian Campus


The Mountain Province State Polytechnic College was established upon passing of R.A. No. 7182 absorbing the already existing Mountain Province Community College in Bontoc, Mounain Province and the college program of Tadian School of Arts and Trades in Tadian, Mountain Province, and converting the same into its now College of Arts and Sciences and College of Engineering and Technology campuses, respectively. Hence, the school was formally opened and known as the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College on January 17, 1992.

The College of Forestry campus in Mount Data, Bauko, Mountain Province was opened thereafter. Another campus, to be known as the College of Agriculture in Paracelis, Mountain Province, is to be opened later (as was planned).

Yet, turn of events made crucial changes in the College. The earlier planned openning of a College of Agriculture in Paracelis was put to rest and the College of Forestry was made a Department of Forestry in Tadian campus (then College of Engineering and Technology). The College of Arts and Sciences is now known simply as Bontoc campus.


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