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News Brief

Faculty Promotion Implemented
(August 15, 2008)

     After a long wait, the National Budget Circular 2nd Cyle Merits and Promotions for Faculty members of the Polytechnic has been implemented this April 2008, just in time for the continued oil price increase in the world market affecting the country's inflation rate together with the rice price hike nationwide.

     Promoted faculty members received their salary differentials for the months of April and May on June 2008 and for the months of June and July on August of the same year.

     The money being utilized to fund the salary increases of faculty members comes from the Polytechnic's income, primarily from the government-subsidized tuition fees of students.

     Budget allocation for personal services of the College from the National Government has not increased in recent years.

MPSPC Redefines its VMGO
(July 2005)
     The Polytechnic, in a series of strategic planning this summer, adopted a new or improved VMGO in line with the current state of the institution and the vision of the New President.
     After final editing and eventual endorsement of the VMGO by the board of trustees, this shall be disseminated to all stakeholders of the institution especially the faculties and students.
     The revised VMGO was made with the participation and cooperation of all stakeholders of the Polytechnic.

News Feature

Faculty Members Still Await Mercy
(May 30, 2007)
     Poor faculty members of the College still await the long overdue implentation of the National Budget Circular 461 2nd cycle as the first semester for the school year 2007-2008 commences in two weeks.
     As the election fever draws to an end and when the newly (re-)elected officials take their sits by the end of June, it is hoped that NBC 461 2nd cycle would be implemented finally by Dr. Nieves A. Dacyon, MPSPC president, by July of this year as she told the Faculties of the Tadian campus during a meeting last March 2007.
     The long overdue implementation of the budget circular has long been the clamor of most if not all Faculties of the College especially those on the ranks of Instructor I-III.
     Based on the proposed budget of MPSPC for FY 2007 by the Board of Trustees, salary increases of faculty members in accord to their ranks for the 2nd cycle of NBC 461 are included. Granting that the budget of the College has been approved as proposed, prudence dictates that the College President is left with no other option than to implement the budget circular for the 2nd cycle. Doing so, would give relief to members of the faculty especially the low-income earning Instructors.


COF No More!!
January 2007
     Authority and Power are not without limits!
     The power and authority vested on the President of this College is not an exception. As mentioned in RA 07182, the administration of the College and the exercise of its corporate powers shall be vested exclusively in the Board of Trustees and the President of the College insofar as authorized by the Board (emphasis is mine) (Sec. 5), and the governing body of the College is the Board (Sec. 6) with specific power among others to confirm appointments of vice-presidents, deans, directors, heads of departments, faculty members and other officials and employees of the College made by the President (Sec. 8, e) and to establish branches (of the College) in Mountain Province, if and when it becomes essential and necessary where there is no existing school offering similar programs or courses . . . (Sec. 8, h).
     It is an imprudent act by the College President, Nieves A. Dacyon, to simply issue a memorandum terminating the term of office of the incumbent Executive Dean of the College of Forestry without prior confirmation by the Board. Albeit, it is so stated in her memorandum that the COF Dean is being relieved; yet, no one is relieving the Dean effecting a dismissal of Deanship.
     With the College of Forestry having no dean of its own, it cannot in itself worthy to be called a college, because a college within an institution must be headed by a dean. Consequently, assuming that the Board will later confirm this act of the President, COF would have ceased to exist as a college without due process.
     On the other hand, it should have been clear on the part of the President that this hasty decision she made is not yet in effect until affirmed by the Board. Thus,  her memorandum effecting termination of the Executive Dean of the COF is invalid and should have not been issued at first, not until the Board has confirmed her decision. The President should have been more careful!
     For now, this is an issue that needs immediate attention to prevent confusion as to who in reality is of more authority and power; the College President or the Board of Trustees wherein the College President is but a vice-chairman?

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